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Costa Rica

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Frequently Asked Questions ???

Questions - One Might Ask Before Travelling to Costa Rica.

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Where is Costa Rica ?

Costa Rica Is Located In The Southern Part Of Central America Bordering Panama To The South And Nicaragua To The North. It Is Located Approximately 10 Degrees North Of The Equator, With The Pacific Ocean To The West And The Caribbean Sea To The East. Seriously, I Can Not Think Of A More Perfect Spot To Put PARADISE.   

Is Costa Rica a Safe Place to Visit ?

Yes, Costa Rica Is Very Safe. It Is By Far One Of The Friendliest Countries In The World. The Locals Are Very Calm And Enjoy “Pure Life” Locals Call  “Pura Vida”. Tourism Is One Of The Top Industries In Costa Rica, So The People Take It Very Seriously And Do Their Very Best To Make Your Stay Amazing. 

What Makes Costa Rica Such An Amazing Destination?

Costa Rica Has Only 0.1% Of The Worlds Land Mass But It Contains 5% Of The World’s Biodiversity Which Makes Costa Rica The Country With The Greatest Density Of Species In The World. Over 25% Of Costa Rica Has Been Set Aside In National Parks And Reserves. There Are More Than 500,000 Species Of Animals And Over 800 Bird Species.
Thrill Seekers Can Fly Through Forests On Zip Lines, Check Out Breath-Taking Views Of  Volcanoes And River Valleys, Surf Some Waves And Dive With Tropical Fish And Maybe Even Get A Glimpse Of Sea Turtles, Dolphins And/Or Whales All In The Course Of A Normal Day.
Then Again, If You Have Some Serious Chilling To Do, You Can Always Lounge In A Hammock And Enjoy The Pure Life Or PURA VIDA.

How Is The Weather?

The Weather Is Amazing All Year Round. There Is Almost Never A Bad Day In Paradise. Yes, You May Get Rain Up In The Volcanoes Or Rain Forest, But Down At The Beach, Sunshine Is The Part Of Everyday. 
The Weather Has A Daily Average Of Around 31C (88F) Year Around. The Temperatures Range From 25C (77F) To 31C (88F) In The Green Season (May – Nov) And 27C (80F) To 34C (93F)  In The Dry Season (Dec – April). 

What Is There To Do?

Good Question, Where Do I Start? There Is Just So Much To Do Here.
Ocean – Boat Rides, Sunset Cruises, Surfing, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Deep Sea Fishing,  Swimming, Sunbathing, Whale, Dolphin And Turtle Watching To Name A Few.
Volcanoes – Zip-Lining, Horseback Riding, Canyoning, Whitewater Rafting, Tubing,  Swimming In Rivers, Jumping From Waterfalls, Bathing In Hot Springs, Having A Mud Bath, Hiking, Bird Watching And More.
Beaches – Sunbathing, Hiking, Swimming, Snorkeling, And Watching The Beautiful Sunsets.
Towns – There Are Many Great Restaurants And Boutique Hotels All Over The Country, Some Very Nice Pubs And Craft Breweries, Coffee Plantations, Museums, Art Galleries And Tourist Souvenir Stores.
As You Can See There Is Just So Much To Do In This Very Small And Beautiful Country.  

How Is The Food ?

The Food In Costa Rica Is Incredible. The Fruits And Vegetables Are Fresh All Year Round. Seafood, Chicken, Pork And Beef Are All Available. There Is A Wide Variety Of Cuisines Down Here With All The Different Ethnic Groups That Live Here And Have Small Restaurants. I Highly Recommend The Local Tico Food Available In The Local Restaurants Called “Sodas” Very Natural. There Are A Few National Chains Here In The Larger Centers, But It Is All Local At The Beaches And Mountain Locations. 

How Is The Local Water To Drink?

Costa Rica Has Some Of The Best Fresh Water In The World. The Majority Of Their Water Comes From Aquifers Deep In The Volcanoes. Unlike Most Of Central And South America, Costa Rica Is One Of The Only Countries You Can Drink Water From The Tap.

What Modes Of Transportation Are Best To Use?

You Have Many Options Once Arrive. You Can Easily Book A Rental Car At The Many Locations Around The Country. If You Don’t Want To Drive As It Is Not The Easiest Country To Drive With The Narrow Curvy Roads, I Suggest You Pre-Book A Tourist Van From Us Or Take A Local Taxi, Which Is Available In Most Locations.

What Currency Is Used In Costa RIca?

In Costa Rica The 2 Most Common Currencies Are The Local Colon And USD. There Is No Need To Get Any Local Currency Before You Travel Here, Best Is To Travel With USD And Once You Purchase Something Here You Will Get Change Or You Can Go To A Local Bank To Get Colones.

What Time Zone Is Costa Rica In?

Costa Rica is on Central Standard Time (CST) Or  (UTC -6) And Does Not Observe Daylight Savings.

Are Credit And Debit Cards Commonly Used ?

Yes, Most International Credit Cards Are Widely Excepted In Costa RIca. You Can Also Go To Almost Any Local Bank And Get  USD Or Local Money With Your Debit Or Credit Card.

Is There Good Cell Or Wifi Coverage?

Yes, Cell Service Is Good In Most Parts Of The Country. Understanding That It Is Very Mountainous There Are A Few Spots Were Is May Be Tough To Get A Signal. 

Wifi Is Available Almost Everywhere – Airport, Local Parks, Restaurants, Bars, Hotels, And Most Tourist Spots. 

How Does Cell Service Work In A Foreign Country?

You Will Have 2 Choices For Cell Service Once You Land In Costa Rica – First Is To Have Purchased A Cell Package Before You Left Home Or You Can Purchase A Sim Card And Purchase Local Time As You Travel. Cell Rates Are Affordable While Travelling In Costa Rica. 

Do You Need A Passport To Go To Costa Rica ?

A Valid Passport With At Least Six Months Remaining Before The Passport Expires Is Mandatory To Enter Costa Rica.


Is It Necessary To Be Fluent In Spanish?

No. English is widely spoken and taught in schools as a second language. Spanish is the official language of Costa Rica,  but you will be surprised at how many people even in small villages speak English. However the Locals Do Appreciate If You Do Know Spanish or are Learning it, to be comfortable speaking it.  

What’s the meaning of Tico/ Tica and Pura Vida?

Locals refer to themselves as Ticos (male) and Ticas (female). The Tico ideal is that of a very friendly, helpful, laid back, unhurried, educated and environmentally aware people. The phrase “PURA VIDA” is the Costa Rican motto. The phrase means PURE LIFE and it encapsulates the ideology of living in peace in a calm manner, appreciating life, family and friends.